St Helen’s ‘Space’ WOW day – Thursday 11th February 

Following the success of our first ever whole school WOW day 'Under the Sea', to finish Term 3, we are holding another whole school WOW day built around the amazing concept of Space. 

We have planned a whole host of different activities and experiences to immerse ourselves in an day around Space, using a number of different websites such as BBC teach and NASA kids. There are some amazing activities to immerse the children in, from Music, by learning about Holst's Planets to DT activities building your own Rockets. Once again we will be providing an overview of the different activities, but it is important to remember we are not expecting everything to be developed. Pick what interests your children the most (and you!) Have fun there is so much to explore! 

Timetable for the day:

Please click the link below to find a copy of the timetable for the day. You can find the key information you need for the different activities listed in the timetable below. All of the Zoom links and codes will be e-mailed separately to parents on Thursday for the live Royal Greenwich Planetarium show for KS2. 

Activities to be uploaded Monday 8th February


Below is a list of all of the activities that you can choose from, with an explanation about how to complete the  'Space' challenge. Good luck!

Please look below for further information about some of the activities that you could do as part of our Space WOW day. All the activities can be adapted for different year groups. Have fun! 

St.Helen's CE Rocket Challenge

Using the BBC DIY Terrific Science instructions, can you make your very own Space rocket which can blast off! Click on the link below to look at Mr.Spens and Mr.Chappell efforts! WARNING: This activity must be done with an adult. 

Click on the link below to see how Mr.Spens and Mr.Chappell got on- who will win? 

Mr.Spens v Mr.Chappell Space Rocket Bottle Challenge

PE: Dance and Exercise

Click on the links below to take part in some Dance and movement activities linked to Space. Can you move as a rocket through Space? 

KS1 Dance: Time to Move. Journey through space

BBC Dance Space

BBC Dance Space Part 2

Writing Activities: Literacy Shed

Literacy Shed Space writing activities

Literacy Shed is full of great videos and animation around space- have a look at developing some of the writing. Try and watch some of the animations and video and complete some of the writing tasks.  

Planet Pandora:

Write a non-chronological report about Pandora or one of the creatures who live there. Write an explanation or set of instructions 'How to Care For... (What space animal will you invent?) How to care for one of the creatures from the clip. Write a narrative set on the planet. Write a diary entry for an astronaut landing on the planet, describing the journey, landing, meeting the inhabitants etc.


Holst's Planets:

Holst's Planets BBC Teach

Dancing into Space- Listen to Holst’s 'The Planets' with your child. Can the children develop their own version? 

Ask them to select a planet and decide what they think that planet would be like. Get them

to create a dance/ set of movements to go with the music which will portray this. Take a video of their dance to share with the family and encourage your child to self-evaluate whilst watching the video.

Children could use instruments, or items at home to develop their own Music to show a Planet

Click on the links below to access some songs to sing along. 

BBC Space songs

BBC Audio Radio Stories about Space

Art Use the Solar System Song to create a diagram showing the order of the planets. Or make real ones using balloons and paper mache. Children to use paper mache to create your own planet.

 Use sponges to create a sponge effect space painting using poster paints. Then create a silhouette figure of a space rocket on top.  

Can you use plasticine to make your own space figures? 

Create your own Space abstract art.

Peter Thorpe Space Art


Design a space vehicle for landing on the planet, what special tools would it need?

 Use a range of materials and junk modelling could you build your own Space Rocket out of a plastic bottle.

BBC Make a space rocket

Ask Tim Peake

 What questions would you like to ask Tim Peake?

Write your own questions, and then think about what answers you would give?

Can you write a few facts about Tim Peake? Can you write a report about him?

Exploring Space BBC

Maddie, Space and you.

BBC Maddie and Space

A series of short programmes linked to Space. Watch each programme and write down a brief report, with annotated diagrams to help develop your understanding.

Space Top Trumps

Top Trumps Stars

Please see below a list of further websites that you may wish to use, for you and your children to explore more about Space. 

STEM activity- building a balloon rocket. 

Balloon Rocket activity

World Space Week - Teaching Resources Below you will find resources suitable for both primary and secondary, from KS1 to GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and First Level to Higher in Scotland.

KS2 Bitesize Earth and Space

KS1 Earth and Space

Further ideas, can be found on websites below: Greenwich Observatory Learning: (pick from the below!)

KS1/KS2 – Fruit Solar System:

All – Make your own star scope:

KS1 – Shadows:

Solar System in a box:

Space Rocks:

Formation of the solar system with cross-word and comic strip:

Google – Space Exploration – a whole host of things here:

Space week ideas:

Build your own model space craft

You can now build your own unique combination of satellites, using below free print-it-yourself paper cutout satellite models. Makes for a fun day of real hands-on rocket science and space engineering! So what do all these satellite parts do?

Build your own spacecraft (NASA)

Build your own Aeolus (ESA)

Build the latest ESA scientific satellites (ESA)