Ethos Team


Our ‘Ethos team’ is a group of children representing the four KS2 classes (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6).

They work alongside Mr Spens (collective worship lead) to develop the ethos of St Helen’s.

Who are they?

Year 3 – Emma C and John

Year 4 – Miles and Evie T

Year 5 – Jamie and Marni

Year 6 – Isabelle and Evie F

What do they do?

They do all sorts of things to support the development of our distinctive ethos at St Helen’s. Some of the work that they have recently done includes:

  • Working with our ‘reflective garden’ team to develop ideas for the outdoor reflective space
  • Monitoring the class reflective spaces and providing next steps for teachers to ensure they continue to improve
  • Leading aspects of collective worship at St Helen’s
  • Helped to organise and promote our successful ’1,000 Acts of Kindness week’
  • Monitoring the quality of collective worship at St Helen’s
  • Planning the ‘value of the term’ with Mr Spens
  • Meeting with the Diocese of Bristol RE advisor to feedback on the success of the Year 5 trip to the Mosque in Bristol, following a grant donation from SACRE to subsidise the travel costs of the trip

Got an idea to help develop the ethos at St Helen’s?

Speak to one of our fantastic ethos team and share your ideas!