Learning and Life Skills

Learning and Life Skills provides schools with a way to deliver effective provision for pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare and supports moral, social and cultural development.

The Learning and Life Skills are a coherent set of Learning Units designed to ensure learners learn effectively and are equipped for lifelong learning, no matter their Key Stage, or their age.

Central to the Learning and Life Skills approach is the involvement of pupils in exploring their understanding of and assessing their own progress against explicit criteria – the ‘I can’ statements, and doing this across all year groups.

At St Helen’s our six learning units are

  • Learning together
  • It’s up to me!
  • Becoming a Better Learner
  • Knowing me, Knowing you
  • Think, Think, Think!
  • Speaking and Listening

A Curriculum for Learning– Outcomes


   1. Our pupils are creative, resourceful and able to solve problems.

2. Our pupils understand how they learn and learn from their mistakes.

3. Our pupils are able to learn independently, can take the initiative, can organise themselves and take responsibility for their learning.


4. Pupils have enquiring minds and think for themselves to process information, reason, critique and make judgements.


5. Our pupils are willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities. They have secure values and beliefs and have principles to distinguish between right and wrong.

6. Our pupils are self-aware and deal well with their emotions. They have a sense of self-worth and personal identity.

7. Our pupils enjoy their learning and are motivated, engaged and interested in their lessons. They want to achieve the best they can now and in the future.

8. Our pupils are able to form stable relationships both inside and outside of schools and demonstrate social responsibility.

9. Our pupils have self confidence in their team skills, can learn cooperatively with others and be good members of a social group.