Home Learning

Effective Home learning – an introduction

At St Helen’s Primary School we recognise that parents make an enormous contribution in supporting the education of our children. Parental encouragement is a key factor to raising attainment and fostering a love of learning.

At St Helen’s we believe learning is a lifelong journey, which begins at home and is nurtured in a range of contexts and settings, including school. The most effective learning takes place in a fun, stimulating and exciting context – often through play. For example; story telling, playing games, talking with their child and by celebrating the sense of wonder in our world.

Some of the most meaningful learning experiences which take place in a young person’s life come from within the home setting. These can take the form of helping on shopping trips, discussing the content of a television programme, playing a game in a local park or simply sharing a story before bedtime. We believe that these routines play as important a part in child development as formalised classroom learning.

Within this context, school homework has a role to play in supporting learning, since it gives pupils the opportunity to practice at home the tasks done in class, and helps the pupils work towards improving important skills. It also helps children to become confident and independent in their learning, which will help throughout their time at school, and in adult life.

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