Flying High in Writing  at St Helen’s

Writing Intent:

Our vision for writing at St. Helen’s CE Primary School is for our children to use their love and knowledge of quality texts to connect with each other, their community, society and the world. Through our rich and well-structured curriculum, our children develop clear purposes for writing that help them inform, entertain, instruct, persuade and explain the wider world through a range of writing experiences that have an impact beyond the classroom. Our children are immersed in the process of writing and this allows them to develop the confidence to become authors.

We use a systematic approach to teaching writing that is built around the principles of the writing process. This approach loops learning towards an end of unit outcome. The sequence runs over three phases and prioritises understanding the purpose and how authors achieve this, explicit contextualised teaching of grammar and punctuation, and the authorial skills of editing, proofreading and publishing writing with pride.

Please click on the link below to read all about how we sequence our Writing lessons at St.Helen's. 

Writing at St.Helen's

Click on the link below to see the writing skills progression across all year groups. 

Writing Progression at St.Helen's