Year 3

Welcome to Oak Class! 

A big welcome to the Year 3 class page!  Here you can find out more about our learning in school, as well as exciting home learning tasks set for each term.  With our school values at the heart of everything we do and helping to make our classroom a happy and positive place, I can’t wait to see the progress you will make across the year.  Remember to Fly High and soar on wings like eagles!

Miss Kitching

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Dereszynska (1-1 TA every morning)

Autumn Term Learning

To begin with, children will be supported to settle into new routines and to remember various rules around the school.  We will be assessing a variety of skills across the curriculum to find out what the children remember from Year 2 and look to address any learning gaps in due course.  Children will be given lots of opportunities to reflect on their feelings from the last few months and think about how having hope will help us to stay positive in starting the new school year.  We will be looking at ‘The book of Hopes’ by Katherine Rundell to help inspire us for the year ahead.

Then we will begin our second phase of learning in the usual way.

Our big question is ‘How can we become brave change-makers?’

We will start by learning about India, the music, clothing, geographical terrain, food, rangoli patterns, Hinduism, animals that reside there and much more!  Alongside this, we will study the history of India including that of the British Empire.  We will be learning about Ghandi and other brave change makers from India; how they became so admired and successful in their protests.  We will then use this knowledge to help guide and inform our reflection upon how we can be brave change makers ourselves in challenges we may face in today’s world.

Autumn Term Connected Curriculum Overview