Year 4

Welcome to Ash Class!

A huge welcome back to you all and welcome to our Year 4 class page. Class 4 is an exciting place to be and here we will celebrate all of our amazing learning and progress. We take great pride in our learning and our children love to be challenged, be kind and always strive to fly high and soar on wings like eagles! We will be covering a range of exciting topics throughout the year and we look forward to sharing many exciting key learning opportunities with you.

Mrs Anderson - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM

Miss Pearce – Wednesday PM, Thursday and Friday


Teaching Assistants:

Miss McHardy-  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday AM

Mrs Oakey - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday PM

Mrs Browning - Wednesday

Autumn Term Learning

This term our global theme is ‘Peace and Conflict’ and our big question in Year 4 will be: ’How can we be brave change makers?’  We will be exploring this through a study of India.  We will understand why there was conflict there by looking at Indian Independence and how some people reacted to this period in history, in particular looking at Gandhi and his peaceful protests. We will also learn about how we can become brave change makers ourselves by thinking about how we can deal with conflict, how we can motivate others to change and how we can best express our ideas and opinions.


Autumn Term Connected Curriculum Overview