Year 4

Welcome to Ash Class!

Welcome to our Year 4 class page. Class 4 is an exciting place to be and here we will celebrate all of our amazing learning and progress. We take great pride in our learning and our children love to be challenged, be kind and always strive to fly high and soar on wings like eagles! We will be covering a range of exciting topics throughout the year and we look forward to sharing many exciting key learning opportunities with you.

Mr House - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM

Miss Pearce – Wednesday PM, Thursday and Friday


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Dereszynska (1:1) (Mon - Fri)


Summer Term Learning


During Term 5, our Sustainable Environmental Development topic is focused around learning how we can be more sustainable.  We will begin by focusing on geography subject knowledge around volcanoes and mountains, learning about structure and how they make soil fertile.  We will think about how and why people live in these environments, how they use the resources sustainably and what they gain from living here.  We will then study a mountain range which is one of the sources of the river Nile. 


Term 6: The work from term 5 will lead us into our term 6 history learning about Ancient Egypt.  Children will learn about beliefs, tombs, mummification as well as finding out what daily life would be like for different people in the Egyptian times. We will be reflecting on how sustainable ancient Egypt was and how people live sustainably in harsh environments. Throughout this learning they will keep reflecting on the big question ‘How can we make our environment more sustainable? The topic will end with the children creating some Egyptian art which we hope to share with you at the end of term.


Summer Term Connected Curriculum Overview

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Home Learning

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