Year 1

Welcome to Holly Class! 

Welcome to our Year One Class page! In Year One, we are very excited to be learning through play. We have many different areas in our classroom; maths, enquiry, phonics, art and workshop, construction, role play and outside provision. Every day we explore these different areas of the classroom and see where our learning takes us!

Miss Paul is the class teacher and Mrs Mclean our general TA, who works every morning and some afternoons. We also have Mrs Wilding, Mrs Sunderland and Mrs Nanda, supporting SEND children. 

Please see below information from our Meet The Teacher meeting: 

Summer Term 2024 Sustainable Environmental Development 

During the summer term, children will be exploring the Big Question; ‘How can human behaviour impact the environment?’ whilst our global theme is Sustainable Environmental Development.

The children will start with a classroom full of plastic rubbish and junk. They will engage in the big question and learn our brave-change maker skills of communication and making decisions.
Children will be able to participate in discussions that affect self, others and the wider world by stating opinions and starting to justify their opinions. They will also learn to listen carefully to others. Children will be able to contribute actively and constructively to the life of own class and school. They will be able to take action when something is unfair.

During Term 5
As historians,
children will begin to understand that events beyond living memory can be significant nationally and globally. They will consider how the invention of plastics was a turning point for the world and further inventions such as food packaging and clothes. They will consider the advantages and disadvantages of plastic, and how people’s opinions of plastics may have changed over time.

The children will consider why there is contrasting information regarding who invented plastic. For example, American websites champion John Wesley Hyatt as the inventor of the first type of plastic, whereas UK websites favour Leo Baekeland.

During Term 6
As Geographers
children will focus on their local area. They will look at human and physical features and consider if these have changed over time. Children will explore maps and symbols and create their own maps of the local area. They will complete 3D model maps of a small area of Alveston. The children will use four compass points to give simple directions.

The product outcome will be for the children to create a model of our local area which promotes a positive impact on the environment

Year 1 Connected Curriculum Overview Term 5 and 6

Spring Term 2024 Social Justice 

Big Question: Is it fair?

In term 3 and as geographers, we will be comparing Bristol to a city in Uganda. We will explore geographical similarities and differences including climate and vegetation. We will additionally make comparisons between schooling in Africa and the UK. In term 4 and as historians, we will be exploring how children have been treated unfairly in the past, with a focus on the Victorian era. We will focus on the schooling system, using Mary Carpenter and the Bristol Ragged schools reform to compare the rights of children. 

Year 1 Connected Curriculum Term Social Justice T3 and T4 2024

Year 1 Connected Curriculum Home Learning Social Justice


Year 1 Meet the Teacher Evening September 2023

Connected Curriculum Topic Overviews: Autumn Term Identity and Diversity 

Y1 Term 1 Connected Curriculum

Photo gallery from Term 2 2023-24 Flying High Year 1