Year 1

Welcome to Holly Class! 

Welcome to our Year One Class page! In Year One, we are very excited to be learning through play. We have many different areas in our classroom; maths, enquiry, phonics, art and workshop, construction, role play and outside provision. Every day we explore these different areas of the classroom and see where our learning takes us!

Miss Adams

Teaching assistants:

Mrs Mclean (Mon-Fri AM)

Mrs Burns (Mon-Fri)


Spring Term Learning

During the Spring Term our Big Question is ‘Is it fair?’ whilst our Global Theme is Social Justice. Throughout this topic, our brave-change maker skills are communication and making decisions. Our topic will have a focus on a comparison between cultures with the context being life of an animal in term 3 and human rights in term 4.

We will begin Term 3 by thinking about what fairness means. We will then explore African animals before a visit to the zoo in week 5. We will discuss whether it is fair that animals live in zoos. At the end of term 3 our mini product outcome is to produce a piece of artwork in the style of African artist Atta Kwami. Our learning questions for the term are:

What is the difference between fair and unfair?

Can I identify African animals?

Where is our local area?

What are the 7 continents?

What are African habitats like?

Is it fair that animals live in zoos?

Why do people poach? Is this fair?

In Term 4, we will continue to focus on our Big Question with a learning question each week. Our focus this time will be on school life in Africa and how this compares to our school life. As our maxi product outcome at the end of Term 4, the children will develop an African showcase which they will perform to parents at the end of the term.

Spring Term Connected Curriculum Overview

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