Year 6

Welcome to Elm Class! 

In Year 6 we follow a broad and balanced curriculum of learning while honing the children’s core skill to be successfully ‘secondary school ready’. Our timetable is provide for information. Each morning, the children are supported and challenged in their learning development by Mr Leeming and Mrs Woolford (General TA) and Miss Cratchley (SEND TA) 

Summer Term 2023-2024 

Connected Curriculum Theme: Environmental Sustainable Development

Attitudes: Developing a concern for the environment and commitment to sustainable development . Understand people’s dependencies on the environment. Develop a basic understanding of climate change (causes and effects)  


Why is the rainforest biome so valuable and how is it being damaged?

What made the Mayan civilization unique and what was the impact of European’s arriving?

Our Big Question: Should exploration cost the earth?

Brave Changemaker Outcome: Rewilding Project

As Geographers children will focus on studying the Amazon rainforest – considering the unique features of a rainforest biome. The focus will then be on the value of the rainforest environment and the damage that is being done to it by humankind carrying out unsustainable development. They will look at what is being done to protect these environments and to make developments more sustainable.

 As Historians, children will learn about the native civilizations that already existed in South/Central America, focussing on the Mayans. They will learn how this civilization thrived in a very different environment and how it ultimately collapsed due to European interference (looking at the role of the conquistadors and Hernan Cortes).

Year 6 Connected Curriculum Environmental Sustainable Development Term 5 and 6

Spring Term 2023-2024 

Victorian Britain

As Geographers, we will study urban and rural life and land use in (Yate/Chipping Sodbury/Thornbury) verses urban and rural life during the Victorian era. We will learn how settlements changed during this time on account of the Industrial Revolution and the impact this had on rural Britain. We will look for evidence using maps and undertake fieldwork studies in our own locality. We will begin to develop an understanding of how societal factors can impact on the migration of populations.

As Historians, we will focus on the period of reign of Queen Victoria and explore this period in a local context. We will learn about daily life and the differences in living conditions between rural and urban Victorian society. This will extend to learning about the inequalities and unfairness that existed during the Victorian period before completing our final project, ‘The Victorian Issue’, which will examine our big question: How fair was Victorian Society?

We will also carry out a case study looking at the impact of George Muller, who is one of our Brave Changemakers, and the Muller Orphanages.

As Artists, we will be learning about the work of the expressionist artists, Joseph Turner and his use of colour to express mood and emotion. We will learning about different watercolour techniques and applying them to our own work. In Design & Technology, we will be researching and exploring bridge construction before creating our own and evaluating their success.

Year 6 Connected Curriculum Term Social Justice T3 and T4 2024