Year 6

Welcome to Elm Class! 

You’ve done brilliantly for six years at St. Helen’s and now you are in Year 6: top of the school, role models and inspiration for the other children.

Together again!

I am extremely fortunate to have another year of teaching you and learning together: we were last together in Year 4. As part of return, we have this as our inspirational message.

You are brilliant.

You care about one another.

You are smart learners and you expect to achieve.

I am here to make sure you reach your goals so that you are the best version of yourself.

Mr. Adams and Mrs. Robinson believe in you.

"Fly High!"

Mr. Adams 

Mrs. Robinson

Miss Pearce and Mr. Cox will teach you on a Wednesday until lunchtime.

Mr. Chappell and Mr. Cox will teach you on a Thursday afternoon, after lunchtime until the end of the school day.

PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Autumn Term Learning

For the first couple of weeks of term we will be reconnecting with friends and as a class of dedicated learners. Our days will swiftly be filled with a broad and balanced curriculum. Some of the activities that are completed in the early weeks of the term are purposeful learning, but also provide me and Mrs. Robinson with valuable assessment information. For example, entry assessment in maths will be checking the understanding of Year 5 skills. Writing will be structured, but grammar teaching will be omitted to check retention of those elements of writing skills.

Our first core text will be‘The Boy, the mole, the foxand the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy to inspire us and give us ‘hope’ for the ambitions that we have set as our intent to fulfil this year.My ambitions for the children are: engagement, challenge and individual and collective aspirations to flourish this year and conduct ourselves with kindness, dignity and an embodiment of our St. Helen’s and Partnership Values.

During the third full week of term, we will begin our main topic of learning which focusses on the connected ideas of ‘peace and conflict’. Our Big Question for this topic is ‘How do we understand others and bring about peace?’Our hope is that the children have an opportunity to see themselves and ‘Brave Changemakers’.

Learning about World War II, as well as conflicts happening in the world in more recent times and now.Using knowledge, skills and understanding to view the lives of others through a lens of informed perspective and empathy.Constructing meaning around key questions such as:

What is it like to live in times of conflict?

How do people work to hang on to hope and achieve peace?

How can you be Brave Changemakers:compassionate individuals who promote a sense of peace to the situations of conflict that you observe or find yourself in?

Parents/carers. Please keep in touch, including through emailing the school office, dojo and talking to your child about their learning.


Term 2 Update: 

 In Year 5 and 6, for our topic of Peace and Conflict, we have been learning about the impact of conflict on evacuees during World War 2, but also on refugees in the present day who have had to flee conflict.

We have been inspired to be 'Brave Changemakers' and make a difference for some refugees who live nearby. We had a virtual visit from a lady from the charity 'Refugee Women of Bristol' who explained to use some of the challenges experienced by refugees arriving here and how they help.

We would love to raise some money to support the work of this charity. 

All of the children in Year 5 have chosen a personal challenge! They have a whole range of ideas, from 150 laps around the garden every day for a week to reading 100 pages a day for a week! They would love to be sponsored for doing these challenges and help to support this fantastic charity.

Year 6 will be raising awareness through their fantastic writing.

Thank you for your support!

Refugees children's writing T2 2020

Autumn Term Connected Curriculum Overview