Year 6

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In Year 6 we follow a broad and balanced curriculum of learning while honing the children’s core skill to be successfully ‘secondary school ready’. Our timetable is provide for information. Each morning, the children are supported and challenged in their learning development by Mr. Adams and Mrs. Morgans. On a Wednesday morning Year 6 are taught by Miss Pearce and on that afternoon by Mr. Goodwin and Mrs. Gilkes.

Mr. Adams 

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Morgans (Mon - Fri)

PPA and Leadership Time Cover:

Miss Pearce


Summer Term Learning

Term 5 is primarily about refining learning in core subjects for Statutory Assessment Tests and assessment of writing. Ensuring a solid core so that the children can move on to Year 7 ‘Secondary School Ready’.

Summer term learning is detailed on the ‘Curriculum Overview’. Additionally, the children will work on transition to Year 7 projects, visit their new school and present a ‘Leavers’ Service’.

Brave Changemakers Curriculum

Our whole school global theme this summer term is Sustainable Environmental Development; the children will answer our ‘Big Question’: ‘Should development cost the Earth?’


We will look at the Earth as whole, learning how to use lines of latitude and longitude to identify places around the globe. We are going to focus on North and South America, deepening knowledge of these continents.


Using enquiry skills, we will research the history of Hernán Cortés and the Aztec Empire. Culminating in an end of Term 6 speech to persuade others to help or change their behaviour, thereby avoiding development ‘costing the Earth’

Summer Term Connected Curriculum Overview

Please click on the link below to find out all about the great things that we will be looking at this term in line with our Connected Curriculum. 

Home Learning

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