Here is a selection of statutory and non-statutory policies at St Helen’s. For more information and if you would like a paper copy please do not hesitate to contact the school office. 

Positive Behaviour and Relationships Policy 2023: 

Please note policies such as the school's behaviour policy is currently being reviewed. In line with our work with Thrive we are currently working with external agencies to look at the behaviour systems we have in school. A piece of work is being carried out on our behaviour policy with the intention of implementing our new behaviour policy in September 2023. 

Please see below information from our SENCO Helen Hardy how the behaviour policy will align to our Thrive principles. 

Over the last six months or so, we have been reviewing the school’s behaviour policy and considering how we can best align it with our Thrive principles of supporting children’s development through relationship. With this in mind, and having taken advice from the Local Authority behaviour and social & emotional health specialists, we have made some adjustments to our policy.

 In previous years, each class has had a behaviour chart that visualised staff’s use of the behaviour policy. Last year, some classes trialled applying the behaviour policy without the visual chart and found this to be effective.

Positive reinforcement continues to be the most important element of our behaviour policy, so we will continue to praise children for Flying High in every area of school life, through verbal conversations, stickers, postcards, certificates and shields.

 We of course want all of our children to be Flying High, but on occasions when this does not happen, we will continue to address this by redirecting children and providing warnings and time outs if this behaviour continues, in order to support the children to learn how to behave appropriately and to enable the rest of the class to continue to learn. Staff will discuss children’s behaviour with them and encourage them to reflect on how they could behave differently. These conversations will sometimes need to happen in break times and lunch times, according to the stage of the behaviour policy. We have tried to develop consistency in the language that staff use in these conversations, in alignment with the Thrive training we have all had, although staff will also use their own knowledge of the children and relationships with them to adapt this.

We take physical behaviours very seriously and any physical behaviours (hitting, kicking, spitting, etc.) will result in a red card, with immediate intervention by members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Parents will be contacted if their child has needed intervention from the Senior Leadership Team, either through a red card or through repeated poor behaviour in class. We appreciate your support and hope we can work together to support your children in this way.

Specialised support and advice is sought from external services for children whose needs require an alternative approach.

 We are very privileged to have fantastic children at St Helen’s and we are glad that in the March parent/carer survey, the vast majority of parents/carers felt that as a school we tried to ensure that our children are well behaved. We aim for all children to be Flying High in all areas of school life, from behaviour to uniform, attendance and home learning, so we will continue to ask for your support with these areas.

Positive Behaviour and Relationships Policy 2023


St.Helen's CE Policies: 

Please note with some of our policies since we have incorporated into a federation, Andy Spens is no longer the executive head teacher, although Kelvin Chappell is still Head of the school. On some of the policies the EHT and HOS are named, as are particular link governors who may no longer be in post. With the formalising of the federation this may have now changed since the policy was agreed at the relevant governor's board meeting therefore when the policy is next updated relevant names will be changed.