Friend’s of St Helen’s School (FOSH)  News & Events

FOSH now has a Facebook page.  If you are a Facebook user please follow this page for useful reminders about events that are going on at school.  You can find it at:

Contact email: 

Chair &Trustee - Claire Gregory

Secretary &Trustee - Lucy Viner / Helen Burclaff

Treasurer &  Trustee - Viviana Staiano

 FB page - Claire Gregory 

Link to Governers - Emily Stephens 

 Community link - Vicky Moore

 Pre loved uniform - Claire Gregory, Lucy Viner

 Preloved uniform is available to purchase at after school sales or by request to FOSH.

 Branded Jumpers, Cardigans and PE uniform £2 each, 

Branded coats £3

Summer dresses and Grey uniform £1 each.

Dates of events in 2023-24:

Family Bubble Fun Run - TBC

Adult Quiz Night – Sat 14th October

Pumpkin Carving - TBA

Non uniform day in exchange for
donations to chocolate tombola or £1– Date TBA in November

Wreath / table decoration making
social mulled wine and cheese - Date

Hawaiian Christmas Fair – 2 nd December 12-3

Christmas Discos – KS1 and KS2 - date TBC

Click on the link below to read all about the amazing events that FOSH put on in the last academic year which raised nearly £5000 - what an amazing amount- thank you FOSH! 

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