School Development Plan

School Development Plan (SDP) 

As a school we are continually, considering how we can be innovative and develop as a school. We make no excuses for wanting to make sure we concentrate on the children's basics of Reading, Writing and Maths, but look to develop the 'whole rounded' child, by offering a broad and balanced national curriculum. 

Working closely with our partner school St Mary's and considering the strategic needs of our school, please find below the link to our 2023-24 SDP (School Development Plan.) 

This is monitored regularly by school leaders, subject leaders and governors to ensure that the strategic aims of the school are met to ensure that the Teaching and Learning is good every day. 


St.Helen's Targets: 2023-24 

Strategic 3 Year Plan:


Part 1   A quality education

Maths:  How are children’s procedural and conceptual understanding developed in tandem through the use of concrete resources to aid representation and structure and mathematical thinking?  

Prepare for 2024-25: To improve our approach to securing fluency of mathematical facts, such as ‘number sense’/arithmetic and times tables.


Reading for Pleasure: How does the teaching of reading facilitate a culture where reading is pleasurable for children?


Learning environments: How does our school learning environment promote the school ethos, vision and expectations?

“The spaces children learn have the potential to transform the way pupils learn, at the same time as sending powerful messages about school expectations, values and beliefs.”


MITA Project:

Evidence-based recommendations from the Maximising the Impact of TAs project to be embedded in whole-school practice. Please note this will be added as an additional SDP targets.




Part 2 Leadership and Management- Continuous Improvement

Curriculum: How does the connected curriculum support children’s personal development?


Subject Leadership CPD : Is there consistency in how subject leaders monitor, evaluate and identify areas for improvement?


SEND Support : How are our more vulnerable children across school supported to achieve our vision statement? Development of MITA project – deployment of adults, challenge for SENDK Children 

Part 3 Pupil Personal Development

Thrive:  Are all children’s SEMH needs met? Continue to embed the Thrive system to help develop children’s SEMH

OPAL and Play across the school: How does our environment lend itself to enhancing imaginative play and children independent skills?

Behaviour and Attitudes:  Are all children are explicitly aware of school values, routines and behaviours? Development  of new behaviour policy which has very clear links to thrive practices and the restorative practices that we have in school.




Click on the link below to see in more detail how we will try to achieve the aims on our SDP.

SDP RAP St Helens 2023 24


St.Helen's Targets: 2022-23

Continuously improve, developing quality and consistency in teaching and learning

1.Reading - Fully embedding the Reading changes to ensure quality, consistency and impact, for lowest  20% readers. 

Phonics - new phonics programme implemented and embedded across the year for impact. Introduction of Read Write Inc Phonics programme. 

Writing - Development in writing, sequence of teaching, spelling and handwriting programme/sequence is embedded in school. 

Maths - Implementing new approach to teaching of times tables and times table policy. 

Engaging with the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ programme with Boolean Maths Hub, implementing the ‘Five Big Ideas’ (NCETM) 

Teaching and Learning  - Creating ‘teaching and learning guide’ to support coaching and continuous improvement for staff

Partnership Targets

Curriculum Design 

To fully embed the connected curriculum across the partnership to show the impact of the Curriculum 

Subject Leadership

To develop the leadership skills of the subject leaders to ensure the intent, implementation and impact of all subjects is clear 

Assessment Processes

To implement a common vision for assessment and standardised testing across the Partnership

Development of Teaching Assistants to enhance learning outcomes for all children

Involvement in the Local authority MITA project.

Pupil Personal Developments

To improve children’s enjoyment of play and to develop the school environment to better enable play for all children through the OPAL project and through delivery of extra -curricular clubs

To develop and embed a whole-school Thrive approach to enhance children’s Social Emotional Mental Health

Click on the link below to see in more detail how this will be achieved and who is responsible for each school development target. 

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