Welcome to Cherry Class!

The children learn through play and explore the indoor and outdoor provision.  We have had so much fun settling into our new class and making new friendships. 

Mrs Boffin - Monday to Wednesday

Miss Tomlinson - Monday to Friday 

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Kitson (Tuesday, Wednesday AM and Friday) & Mrs Bendall (Monday, Wednesday PM and Thursday). 

Mrs Burns and Miss Mchardy are 1:1 Learning Support Assistants.  

Autumn Term Learning

Our big question is: How can we make a difference to our World?  We will begin by thinking about Super Heroes that the children know and what makes them Super Heroes.  We will explore the text SuperTato and sequence the key events.  We will then think about how they are special and what Super Hero qualities they have and who their Heroes are.  We will look at non-fiction books of keyworkers and what differences they have made.  By the end we will look at how we can make a difference to other people’s lives.