Welcome to Cherry Class!

Welcome to our Reception class page! The children learn through play and explore the indoor and outdoor provision. We have many different areas of learning; make and create, explore tuff tray, maths, book corner, construction, message centre, sand, water and home shed! All of the adults in Reception are committed to making every day exciting and full of fun and magic to support your children in their learning journey.

Miss Tomlinson

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Kitson (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

Mrs Bendall (Monday and Thursday). 

Mrs Lee (1:1 Mon-Fri)

Mrs Wilding (1:1 Mon-Fri AM)

Summer Term Learning


As we head into the final two terms, we look forward to a fun and exciting end to the year.

Our curriculum theme this term is Global Neighbours, where we look at the question, ‘Who lives in a House like this?’ We will be exploring many different mini beasts and animals, and their habitats and look at different ways of comparing them. To support our learning of this, we will be going on a school trip to The Wild Place – how exciting!

Throughout term 5, we will be making our very own mini beast homes using recycled and natural items. Children will design, make and decorate their homes before choosing a special place for them in our outdoor area. We can then do some investigating to see if they have any residents in term 6!

Moving into term 6, our curriculum theme is Sustainable, Environmental Development, and our learning will be centred around the question, ‘How do we look after our World?’ Throughout the term, we will be developing the children’s knowledge and understanding of how to look after our world and the animals in it, using knowledge gained from our Wild Place visit, and aim to make them eco warriors! Some of the books we will share include Dear Green Peace, Somebody Swallowed Stanley and There’s a Rangtan in my Bedroom.

You can support your children with these themes at home with these couple of ideas:

  • Do you recycle? How do you sort it?
  • What mini beasts can you find in your garden?


Summer Term Connected Curriculum Overview

Please click on the link below to find out all about the great things that we will be looking at this term in line with our Connected Curriculum. 

Home Learning

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