School Uniform

At St Helen's we take pride in our uniform. We believe that by wearing a uniform children develop a sense of pride in, and identify with their school.

Our school uniform colours are jade green and grey. Our uniform provider is Monkhouse. Please see their website for information or click the direct link below for our school page on their website:

Main monkhouse website page:

In our final newsletter of the last academic year July 2023- we wrote the following as a reminder of the school expectations. Please help support school by following the uniform expectations. 

'Uniform is something that I know was a feature of the parent/ carers survey in comments from parents about some children ‘flouting’ the uniform rules. It should be noted that at Marlwood and other secondary schools, the expectation for uniform is very high and is something why we should get it right here so are children and families are prepared for this. If  we get the small things like uniform correct, primarliy around children wearing the correct shoes (unless they have a medical need for wearing trainers, which we know there are a few children in our school) then when our children move onto secondary school,the expectations for secondary school do not become a shock to adjust to. These two small but very signficant things (attendance and uniform) are the things that are out of our control and we rely on you as families to get it right. In the new year we will be very much having a renewed focus on both of these so please do not be offended if we have individual conversations with you, or letters are sent home when these ‘Flying High Standards are not set.’ As usual a huge thank you to everyone who works with us to get this right. A reminder that FOSH have a very extensive used and new uniform, that is on sale regularly. Likewise children should have the correct PE kit to take part in PE lessons – so please ensure over the summer that the right uniform is in place. Thank you for your support around this.  If there are any concerns around uniform or you do not feel you are in position to provide the correct uniform – please let us know and we will try to help you.'

Please note our school uniform expectations are in line with the DFE uniform expectations: 

DFE Uniform Information

Spare Uniform in school:  

We have considered the DFE information about the cost of uniform and have as a school alongside FOSH (Friends of St.Helen's) developed a wide ranging uniform bank, that can be accessed by all parents. FOSH regularly sell very cheaply new and used uniform. Likewise the school has it's own bank of used uniform that has been donated or is previous 'lost property' that has not been claimed that we have washed, cleaned and ironed, ready to be given to families. We have a large supply of uniform so please contact the school if you would like to have a confidential conversation about uniform. 

The uniform has not changed for the last seven years and we are not going to change the branding, so all second hand uniform that we have in school is applicable for future use. 

Uniform Expectations: 


Jade jumper or cardigan for children Jade or white polo shirt 
Black or Grey shorts for children  Grey or Black skirt or pinafore dress
Grey or Black trousers for children Grey, Black or White  socks
Appropriate black shoes NOT trainers.  Boots ARE NOT allowed. 

PE Kit is a school house coloured T shirt or a plain white T shirt. 

NO patterned / football shirts etc is allowed. 

Plain black shorts for indoor gym and Dance work.

Plain black short or joggers for outdoor work.*

PE trainers / daps.  *Plain black joggers will be allowed during winter months but this will be communicated directly by the class teacher. 


Please also be reminded that pleated or tailored skirts are the expectation for
all students who choose to wear skirts . Leggings, jeans or track suit bottoms are not permitted.

Furthermore, students must wear appropriate black shoes and not trainers.

We always want to support families where there is a genuine need. If you have any
concerns about ensuring that your child will have the correct uniform, please do
contact the school office.

Equally, if your child has a medical need that means that they need specific footwear, please let us know by
sending us the necessary information

Children in Year 6 wear a different colour jumper, which they choose as a class at the end of Year 5.

All children should wear black shoes in a sensible style (no trainers, boots or open-toed sandals).

Flying High behaviours for uniform: 

Expectations for uniform.

PE Kit

Your child will require a PE kit to be kept in school (until it needs washing!) Please put it in a named dark green drawstring bag that can be hung on a coat hook.

  • House colour T-shirt
  • Black shorts/skirt
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • White or grey socks
  • Daps
Additional items
  • St Helen's book bag
  • Waterproof coat and trousers
  • Wellington boots

We ask that children in Reception and Key Stage 1 have their wet weather clothes in a named light green drawstring bag that is kept in school. Children in Key Stage 2 will need their wet weather clothes on an ad hoc basis and their teachers will let them know when it needs to be brought into school.

Items of PE kit, drawstring bags and book bags are available from Monkhouse, our uniform provider.

PE Uniform: St.Helen's children at recent athletics event all wearing correct PE kit. 

PE Kit expectations

PE Kit expectations

Jewellery, Hair Ornaments, Make-up and Nail Varnish

For health and safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery. The exceptions to this rule are earring studs in pierced ears, and small objects of religious significance. Children are required to remove any items during PE lessons to prevent them from causing injury. Please note: Teachers are not permitted to remove earrings.

Hair bands, ribbons/bows or ‘scrunchies’ should be plain. Hair bands should not have large flowers or bows attached.

Make up and nail varnish should not be worn to school unless for an out of school hours function, for example a school disco.

Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum and children should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair. Children are not permitted to have hair coloured or dyed, as in accordance with medical guidance and manufacturers restrictions for children aged under 16 year.

 For more information about school uniform please click the link below to access the School Uniform Policy. 

School Uniform Policy