Year 5

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

A very warm welcome to our class page! We can’t wait to share with you all of the engaging learning that we are going to be covering this year.

We have no doubt that you will all make tremendous progress and you will amaze us with lots of hard work, positivity, enthusiasm and most importantly by living the ‘Flying High’ values you carry with you and that make our school a very special place to be in.

Fly high. Soar on wings like eagles. To an incredible academic year 2022/2023!

Key Information:

The children have PE, with Bristol Sport on Tuesday afternoons so will need a PE kit at school for outdoor games including trainers.

Mrs Jenkins - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Hardy - Thursday and Friday

Miss Cratchley SEN 1:1 TA Mon- Fri 

Mrs Morgans General TA Mon-Fri AM



Home Learning and Connected Curriculum

Summer Term 5 and 6 

Connected Curriculum Overview Year 5 Term 5 and 6

Spring Term 3 and 4

Global Curriculum: The global curriculum theme for the Spring term is Rights and Responsibilities. Our Big Question is ‘How do we make our voices heard?’ We will be using the Ancient Greeks as our learning context.

We will learn about Ancient Greek culture, discovering where, when and how they lived, making our own Greek jugs and Greek food. We will also consider the legacy of Ancient Greek civilization, including the Olympics and philosophy. In Geography lessons, we will locate Greece and compare the geographical features of modern-day Greece to Ancient Greece. In reading and English lessons, we will explore Ancient Greek religion and will be reading and writing some Ancient Greek myths.

To answer our Big Question, ‘How do we make our voices heard?’, we will focus on the development of democracy and how Ancient Greeks made their voices heard, reflecting on whether all citizens had their voices heard or not and comparing to our present-day democracy and how people make their voices heard today. We have invited our local MP to talk to us about how his constituents make their voices heard and how he acts on this and the children will be able to ask him their own questions!

Connected Curriculum Year 5 Term 3 and 4

Home Learning and Connected Curriculum Term 1 and 2

Our Connected Curriculum theme across the school is Peace and Conflict. In Year 5 and 6, our Global Curriculum theme is Peace and Conflict and we will be considering how conflict can be avoided and resolved. To help understand this, we shall learn more about World War 2 and how this conflict changed the lives of so many people. We will then go on to consider the roles that people have had and can have in bringing peace to the world.

Our English, History and Art learning will be linked to this topic. Please see our Curriculum Overview to find out more about what we are learning in other subjects.


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