Clubs at St.Helen's

Clubs at St.Helen's 

Information taken from Newsletter: 

At the end of Term 2, I said that it was fantastic that over 77 children were doing at least one extra- curricular club or learning to play musical instrument in school. Not including EYFS children this gave us 44% of our children doing a club, which for a small one form school was a fantastic achievement. I asked in one of the last newsletters whether we could get close to 100 children in term 3 doing a club and increase this percentage – I am pleased to say that after an audit of clubs we did today we have an
amazing 113 children across the school doing at least one club! This is an amazing 77% of our children doing at least one club. We have some more clubs that are planning to run next term and also have had a couple of parents come forward wanting to run a club. 

It has been great to see all the great clubs that we have been doing. 

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Clubs Overview Term 4 2024

Bristol Sport Clubs Term 4 2024

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